Desalination and purification system for seawater and raw water.



Our ultimate purpose that we will propose and we hope to you to agree to our thought is to offer safe potable water to many people in developing countries and create a society in which people can live without fear.
Direction to a low-carbon society in recent years comes from destruction of the natural environment which is threaten the life and safety of human, in particular the pollution of air and water has fallen into extreme conditions.
After reaching the 21st century, drinkable water shortage of the world due to deteriorate of the global environment has caused serious problems.
Currently, in particular, people who live in developing countries, suffer from serious lack of drinking water.
Because they are drinking dirty water contained pollutant unwillingly, such result unfortunately 4 million people have died per year. Under such circumstances, the plant installation for purifying potable water has become very important and a pressing issue.
Ozomix System potable water purification equipment that we will recommend is the advanced water treatment equipment which designed with be integrated the state-of-the-art technology full use of the characteristics of ozone and the reverse osmosis membrane.
It became possible to remove of the impurities which are organic and inorganic materials contained in the target water (seawater, or fresh water) by Ozomix System (one system) perfectly without the use of any medication .
The quality of purified potable water will clear the 50 items that are defined in the Water Law of Japan.
We are publishing a formal data that has been tested by the designated inspection agency of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Currently, Ozomix System has been used for the manufacture and sale of bottle water in Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.
Future, we will expand the market share to Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa to solve the fresh water depletion on the earth.
At the same time, we are looking for the sales agency who will agree the popularization of Ozomix System.

Yoichi Nakano
Private management Natural Water

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