Desalination and purification system for seawater and raw water.

A movable type water purifying system

A movable type water purifying system

A New Absorption Technology for Water Purification


The feature of a movable type water purifying system.

(1)Activated carbon used for purification
The state of the art technology (process know-how)succeeded in development of the renewable highly efficient activated carbon which reversed to the common sense of the adsorptive power of the activated carbon which is circulating in the market now.
The movable type water purifying vehicle is using this special activated carbon as main clarification materials.
Since various impurities are adsorbed at a stretch, safe water can be drunk.
(2)The substance which can be purified
Organic matter (oil etc. are included) decolorization of the water and stinking thing removal and color were attached.
Option : Removal of a fluorine ion, a phosphorus compound, cyanogen, and heavy metals ( zinc, a chromium compound, dissolution iron, dissolution manganese, etc.) is also possible at combined use with ozonization.
About removal of arsenic etc. adsorption material is utilized separately.
(3)This equipment can be used at various places because the system which was consistent from intake to purify water is incorporated.
(4)Since it can carry in a light truck with a freight of 1 ton, it can move easily also on the narrow way leading to the village in Southeast Asia.
Since the power generator is also carried, also in the mountain slope where power generation is not obtained, the capability is usually demonstrated.
(5)Supply of everyday drinking water can be worked from the first at a place required at the time urgent disasters, such as a drought, an earthquake, a storm, and tsunami.
Since operation is performed by two lines of activated carbon reproduction of the purification processing by highly efficient activated carbon and adsorption processing, efficient operation is realized.

Specification of a movable water purifying system

(1)Quantity of production(water purifying capability)
4㎥/day (20 hours) 20L/hour
(possible till amount of maximum treated water 8㎥/day)
(2)Treatment water:
Except Sea water
(water such as groundwater, river water, a lake and a swamp water)
Automatic continuous running type with activated carbon renewable equipment.
2x2 (in series double feature) operation system
(4)Loading Utility:
100KVA single phase / three phase 200V Dynamo(generator)
Steam boiler : the maximum output 100 Kg/hour 
(5)Running Cost:
Fuel consumption : 10L/day (for Generator)
Fuel consumption : 7L/day (for activated carbon reproduction)
Totoal : 17L (light oil) x \50 = \850
\850 x Operation ratio ( 40%) = \340
\340 ÷ 4 ton = Unit price per ton \85 (maximum)
(6)Skid size:
1600mm (W) x 2000mm (L) x 2000mm (H)
When loading on vehicle : It can load on 1 ton vehicle
(7)The space of loading platform :
1650mm x 2250mm = 3.8 ㎡
(8)Dry weight
About 500 Kg
①The exterior cover of equipment
③Reserve strainer
④Soft water device for boiler
⑤Reserve column (container for automatic reproduction)
⑦The instrument fixed to vehicle (construction expense does not contain)

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